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Get Dusty... what?

Home made jumps, drinking out the hose, ripped jeans, out till dark, sliding in the mud... that's what!  Our bikes are for kids that love to have fun and explore.  All our models are designed specifically for an age range, using aircraft grade 6061 Alloy for frames, coupled with light but strong parts sized for riders.  We warranty our bikes top to bottom for 2 years, take care of our customers and you'll take care of us.

This year we started The Herd our Factory Rider program, we select 15 children from across the nation and give them bikes and riding gear, you can follow their stories here.

Riders for life!

Day in the Park

Having fun exploring the park

The Herd 2017

Introducing some of 2017 factory riders

Ready to race

nothing better than racing your buds

Blog posts

Two Wheel Tots review the Sprinter 14

Two Wheel Tots review the Sprinter 14

Best Bang for Your Buck Packed with features for a great price. The extra-wide handlebars, freewheel hub (no coaster brake!) and long wheelbase ar...
A new found freedom

A new found freedom

Owning a bike is an exciting responsibility as kid, it's big, has moving parts, and can inflict pain if not respected!But above all else a bicycle ...
Sprinter 14

Sprinter 14

We are getting very excited about the birth of our new little Sprinter...  The Sprinter 14 is designed for 3 and 4 year olds looking to graduate fr...