A new found freedom

June 23, 2017

A new found freedom

Owning a bike is an exciting responsibility as kid, it's big, has moving parts, and can inflict pain if not respected!
But above all else a bicycle for a child offers a new found freedom, the ability to explore further a field. The independence that every kid is looking for, being truly mobile. I was lucky to grow up in the countryside, and had plenty of space to enjoy my new found freedom, and later on getting around on my bike was essential to my social life as we lived in the middle of nowhere!
There have been times I've neglected my passion for riding, but never for exploring and that always brings me back to my bike.
There's a reason for the expression 'It's like riding a bike, you'll never forget', because no matter how long ago since you last rode, maybe even 20 years, jumping back on the saddle will put a grin on everybody's face as they feel the wind on their face and remember the first time they felt that freedom.
Get outside with your family, two wheels or not, have fun, enjoy life, love this beautiful planet and share your journey with your kids.

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